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To connect your site to Pluvo you can used our GraphQL API and the Pluvo Webhooks

Note: Learning journey is named Training in the API and webhooks

The Pluvo API uses GraphQL. This way you can request exactly what you want from the server.

Let’s start

To send requests to the Pluvo API we first need to Request a Token:

Request token

With this token we can then request data:

Request data

Via the Pluvo API you can get data for:

Request training

Request user

Request group


By using webhook subscriptions Pluvo can send event requests to a endpoint of your website. This request wil contain data related to the Event that triggered it. This request will contain a secret value so you can validate that the request is send from Pluvo.


You can find all available webhook events in the events page.

Webhook events

If you want to make use of the webhooks you can add your urls in the managementpage in your academy. You must specify which events you want to receive and on which url(s).